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Mysteries of the  Holy Bible
By Fr. Elijah the Anchorite
The revelation
How did Abel and Cain multiply?
Animals in the Bible

Scripture Alphabet of Animals
By Mrs. Harriet N. Cook

Every beast of the forest is
mine, and the cattle upon a
thousand hills. I know all the
fowls of the mountains; and
the wild beasts of the field are
mine." - Psalm 50:10, 11
The Ant
The Locust
The Donkey
The Mole
The Bear
The Night-Hawk
The Bee
The Ostrich
The Camel
The Peacock
The Dog
The Pelican
The Eagle
The Quail
The Fox, or Jackal
The Raven
The Goat
The Roe, or Gazelle
The Hart and Hind
The Scorpion
The Horse
The Sheep
The Ibex, or the Wild Goat
The Stork
The Jerboa, or Mouse
The Turtle-Dove
The Kite
The Unicorn
The Lion
The Vulture
The Leopard
The Whale
The Wolf