Piece from new garment
Piece from new garment
[Lk. 5:38.]  Saint Kyril: “The new institutions of Christ cannot be received by those who
live according to the law, nor admitted into the hearts of such as have not as yet
received the renewing by the Holy Spirit....For the first covenant has grown old, nor
was it free from fault. Those, therefore, who adhere to it and keep at heart the
antiquated commandment, have no share in the new order of things in Christ. Those,
then, who have not as yet received the renewing of the Spirit, are also unable to prove
the good and acceptable and perfect will of God [cf. Rom. 12:2]. The heart of the Jews,
then, is an old skin, and therefore cannot hold the new wine.” [Homilies 21 and 22,
Commentary, Ch. 5, 116, 117.]

[Lk. 5:39.]  “Good” (crhstov~) [Uncials ? B L W; Minuscule 157; Syr. Pesh. Ver.;
Editions TTrA, NA]. The comparative “better” (crhstovterov~)  [Uncials A C K Q Y;
Minuscules f 1.13 33; Ver. some Old Latin mss. Syr. Harcl.; Editions Constantinople,
KJV, t]. Blessed Theophylact: “Indeed, Christ’s teaching is new wine. ‘But you, being
old wineskins, are not able to accept this, but go on drinking the old wine, that is to
say, the old tradition; you do not wish My new wine, but say that the old wine, that is
to say, the old covenant, is better.’” [P.G. 123:309B (col. 768).]